The difference is felt from the moment you sit on the seat. Kept at a comfortable 32 degrees and gradually heats up to your desired setting, you can say good bye to the cold shock of a toilet seat and simply enjoy the experience.

For the wash, IZEN 1 uses a built-in water tank heating system, which heats and stores a dedicated reservoir of warm water. Tank heating technology has long been the industry gold-standard, known for its reliability, consistency, and low power usage. Our technology has been refined over dozens of models to ensure a satisfying experience from start to finish.


Beyond the benefits of a wash system, is a long list of smart features that truly improves our daily ritual.

Starting with the seat and lid, which use soft-closing hinges for a smooth, slow close that prevents slamming. Each bidet seat is also installed with a safety sensor, so washing will only start if the user is properly seated.

The built-in air dryer kicks in at the end of washing to complete the refined experience.

To reduce the effort for maintenance, we elected an streamlined design, anti-bacterial materials, and quick removal lid. Before and after each use, the wand thoroughly cleans itself inside and out.


Comfort and cleanliness are the core focus of our wash technology. To achieve both, our R&D team developed a unique nozzle that infuses tiny bubbles into the water-stream. The result is superior cleaning power, lower water consumption, and higher comfort.

With a powerful built-in motor, the wand moves rapidly to create oscillating wash patterns, providing a satisfying posterior wash. Feminine wash uses a wider, gentler stream to maximize comfort.

Another feature exclusive to IZEN bidets is a specialized medicinal wash mode. A dedicated nozzle produces a pulsating stream that helps to to naturally assist people with bowel discomfort.


The magical IZEN wand gets the job done with one press of a button. For the more advanced users, everything is personalzable.

IZEN 1 comes with a convenient wall-mountable remote. Every function has its own dedicated button, and is easy to see and operate. Customizable settings include water temperature, seat temperature, wash position, wash pressure, and wash pattern.